Konica KM1800i SHC-C Printhead

This Konica KM1800i SHC printhead offers 600 dpi resolution and is compatible with UV, solvent and water-based inks.
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Manufacturer: Konica Minolta
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Konica KM1800i SHC printhead is a fast and reliable solution for applications requiring high quality such as Coding and marking, Packaging applications, Plastic card decoration, Security applications, Printed electronics.

The following items are expressly excluded from warranty coverage:
  • defects in printers related, in any way, to the use of any non-original or DIGINK inks or ink cartridges and nozzle clogging
  • defects related to misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, lack of use, or improper storage when not in use for extended periods
  • defects related to failure to perform periodic maintenance as specified in the user documentation; operation for unintended purposes
  • defects related to improper loading of media
  • all other defects, failures or damage not considered manufacturing defects
  • defects related to third-party applications, software, parts, components, or peripheral devices, including any bulk ink system.
  • defects that are merely cosmetic in nature.

The KM1800iSHC Printhead is:

  • 84kHz shear mode actuation and native 600 dpi resolution over 75mm print swathe.
  • Simple to integrate, tough and reliable with good fluid compatibility.
  • Designed to be used in high quality single-pass print systems. Primarily designed for UV inks it can also be used with higher viscosity water-based inks or hot melt inks.
  • Using proven bulk piezoelectric technology to deliver 3.5pl drop volumes at 600 dpi resolution in a narrow 19.8mm footprint.
  • Designed to be operated in a wide range of different orientations. The printhead is suitable for use with recirculating ink systems for example for white or metallic inks. printheads can be used in binary or greyscale (3bit) modes.
  • Proven in Konica Minolta’s B2 sheet-fed KM-1 printer as well as Industrial Inkjet’s Mono and ColourPrint HiQ series.

Technical specifications:

  • Available ink types: UV, Solvent, Water-based
  • Technology: Independent channel, on-demand piezo
  • Number of nozzles: 1776 (296 x 6 rows)
  • Channel resolution: 42.3μm pitch (600 dpi: 6 rows x 100 dpi)
  • Grey scale: 8 levels
  • Typical frequency: 80kHz
  • Drive voltage: 18 +/- 3V
  • Printing width: 75.14 mm
  • Overall row spacing: 4.74 mm
  • Drop velocity: 6.0 m/sec
  • Dimensions: Height 106.82 mm x Width 19.8 mm x Length 137.4 mm  Weight Less than 205 gm
  • Drop size: 3.5pl
  • Max frequency: 84kHz
  • This printhead carries a manufacturer warranty.
  • Country of origin : Japan

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