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Xaar 501 GS8 UR Printhead - XP50100034

Ref. XP50100034 - DP part: PPHXA19695
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The new Xaar 501 printhead reaches higher levels of performance in inkjet graphics. Whether printing large exterior banners or indoor point-of-sale... Read more

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The new Xaar 501 printhead reaches higher levels of performance in inkjet graphics. Whether printing large exterior banners or indoor point-of-sale material, this premium printhead delivers exceptional print quality, excellent reliability and high production up-time. Value added effects such as printing on transparent or coloured substrates or adding varnishes are made easy with the Xaar 501.

The new and unique PrecisionPlus™ architecture of the Xaar 501 builds on Xaar’s incredibly successful Hybrid Side Shooter™ architecture. This new architecture optimises the actuator performance giving more uniform drop formation across the print swathe and therefore exceptional print quality for stunning graphics.

PrecisionPlus architecture flips the PZT’s (Piezo actuators) supporting substrate on its side so the PZT is on the edge of a rigid block of substrate. This architecture means that there is more stiffness in the z axis (better support for the PZT).

This Xaar 501 GS8 UR is suitable for UV-based & oil-based printers with a recirculation ink system.

The ability to print high viscosity or heavily pigmented inks such as white becomes a practical reality with TF Technology® in Pulsed mode or High Flow mode. Any debris or air bubbles in the printhead are continuously cleared from the rear of the nozzles and removed.

The Xaar 501 GS8 UR has a WFG (wide format graphic) nozzle guard which is closer to the actuator providing protection from substrate damage. This nozzle guard wraps around the front of the actuator.

The Xaar 501 GS8 UR can be used as a replacement to Xaar 500/40 printheads (discontinued). An ICM (Interface connection module) enables X500/40 based printers to communicate with Xaar 501 printheads. The ICM requires a waveform loaded onto it by Xaar. In many cases, the ink system of the Xaar 500/40 based printer will also need some modification as Xaar 500 printheads has 4 ink feeds whereas Xaar 501 printheads have 1 ink feed). Our engineer team can help implementing these changes to migrate existing printers from 500/40 to 501 printheads.


  • Active nozzles : 500
  • Print swathe width : 70,5mm
  • Number of rows : 1
  • Nozzle density : 180 Npi
  • Nozzle Guard : WFG
  • Ink types : UV / Oil
  • Drop volume : 8 – 40pl
  • Number of grey level* : 6
  • Filter : No
  • Heater : No
  • TF Technology® mode : None, Pulsed, High flow mode
  • Typical firing frequency @ Max DPD*: 8khz
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) : 104 x 17 x 100mm
  • Jetting orientation : Downshooter and Skycraper (see picture)
  • Inlet / Outlet connections : Hose barb 4mm

* Dependant on ink used and system integration

DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES is a Xaar Authorised Dealer. We offer a manufacturer 12 months  warranty on all Xaar printheads.


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