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Wasatch SoftRIP Mutoh Exclusive Edition version 7.6

Ref. - - DP part: SWRIMU001
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When you invest in a Mutoh printer, you want to make sure you get the high quality results you expect. Wasatch SoftRIP's Mutoh Exclusive Edition... Read more

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When you invest in a Mutoh printer, you want to make sure you get the high quality results you expect. Wasatch SoftRIP's Mutoh Exclusive Edition can help you achieve superior color while saving you time and money.

With the Wasatch Mutoh Exclusive Edition, you get premium RIP software at an entry-level price. Use the standard Mutoh Exclusive Edition to drive Mutoh’s wide-format printing Aqueous devices, or power up your software with the premium driver pack for Mutoh's popular line of solvent devices. If quality separations printing is your objective, select SoftRIP SP for Mutoh to produce moiré-free separations.

Wasatch RIP and Print Management software is used by leading large format print shops and high-production service bureaus around the world. With the Mutoh Exclusive Edition, you get all of SoftRIP's premium RIP features at a price that won't break the bank.

Don't settle for inferior, stripped-down "light" RIP software. Achieve dynamic color and efficient workflows with Wasatch’s RIP Software solutions.

Wasatch SofTRIP System requirements: Click here

Supported Mutoh printers: Click here

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in more than 30 languages: Click here

Wasatch offers a 60 day return policy on all RIP's.

Features and Benefits

Tools for Every Level of Expertise
Wasatch SoftRIP gives you the perfect combination of easy operation and sophisticated features to beginners or printing experts.

A New Standard in Color Quality
SoftRIP's exclusive Precision Stochastic Screens Halftone Method achieves excellent color reproduction with perfectly smooth gradients. SoftRIP has the most extensive arsenal of color tools available in any RIP. With intricate controls and innovative tools necessary to implement even the most complex color workflows.

Make Your Workflow Flow
Wasatch SoftRIP allows you to drive up to four printers simultaneously, so no matter how large or complex your production environment.

Save Time and Money
SoftRIP pays for itself quickly in saved time and media. Most RIPs bundled with inkjet printers include only the basic features necessary to drive the printer. Only a quality RIP like SoftRIP gives you the tools you need to save money.

Leverage the Power Across Your Network
SoftRIP’s power isn’t limited to the RIP station. Any PC, Mac, or Unix workstation on your network can use SoftRIP to print using a regular web browser. SoftRIP's server tools are simple to set up on networked workstations and even easier to use.

Workflow Automation (optional)
The Wasatch Automation Option enables your print production to scale from one printer to a fleet of hundreds. Discover here

Fotoba (optional)
Wasatch SoftRIP allows you to quickly prepare special cutting marks that can be used with Fotoba's line of cutters. Discover here

Contour cutting (optional)
Wasatch's Contour Cutting Option includes the Wasatch Tracer which provides a streamlined option for creating contour cut paths directly within SoftRIP. The Tracer is quick and interactive, and equally effective for both raster and vector graphics. Discover here

Variable data printing (optional)
The Wasatch Variable Data Printing Option streamlines the production of customized print runs such as signs, labels, jerseys, and promotional items. Discover here

For additionnal information please refers to the brochure.

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